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From A Skater...


"First you are a part of it, then it becomes a part of you" -- Anonymous

For some, synchronized skating is synonymous with commitment, unison, speed, teamwork, dedication and emotion. Having skated on a synchronized skating team for more than 13 years, I know it so much more than that! A lot of my friends do question why I continue to subject myself to the early morning practices, rigorous workouts and the stress of competitions. I synchro skate because the support felt as 15 other skaters struggle with you overpowers the pain inflicted by the workouts. And I compete as a synchro skaters because the adrenaline rush while competing and the feeling of joy when you are finished makes you forget the feeling of stress that was overpowering right up until the moment when the music begins. We may arrive at our practices from all walks of life, but when we step on the ice, we are one, we move as one, we succeed as one, we are a team. 

Central to synchronized skating is friends and family; throughout these years I have been blessed with many long-lasting friendships that offer support and happiness. For me, my coaches, managers, teammates as well as their parents have become a second family who I can rely on at any time. Synchronized skating has allowed me to continue to skate with my close friends well beyond when I stopped skating individually. In this aspect synchronized skating is a sport for all ages. 

The sport of synchronized skating itself demands that the skater is comfortable and confident with his or her own body image and this has to be portrayed on the ice. I am grateful for all the experiences and opportunities synchronized skating has to offer. My club's synchronized skating program provides a positive and fun environment for physical activity and exercise. 

Furthermore, I am indebted for the life lessons I have learned from my participation in the sport of synchronized skating. Balancing school, work and synchronized skating has required me to develop time management skills, which are invaluable life skills. I have also been taught perseverance, commitment, discipline, and responsibility,  as well as the meaning of sportsmanship. These lessons will undoubtedly benefit me in every aspect of my life. Not only has synchronized skating provided me with an immeasurable amount of happiness and memories, but also I am confident it has also contributed to making me the person I have become. Finally, I feel this quotation captures the spirit of synchronized skating.

"There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart... purse those" -- Anonymous


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